Snail Facial Foam 50g Baby Bright

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This fine bubble foam is made from snail mucin and is a must-have! The foam rids the skin of all dirt and impurities while also moisturizing the skin. You'll end up with a more even complexion, and less redness. Baby Bright 50g / Baby Bright Snail Facial Foam 50g cleansing facial cleanser Gentle daily care: Your skin will be delighted! The word “foam” itself implies unearthly lightness and tenderness! The product from Baby Bright expectations fully justified: economical and soft, it gently cleanses the skin from dead cells, bacteria, excess fat and makeup residues, while not causing tightness and dryness, leaving a feeling of freshness, absolute purity and luxurious smoothness! The active components of the composition help to fight imperfections, preventing their appearance, protect against aging and the aggressive effects of external factors. Excessive mucus provides moisture and regeneration of damage, it creates a thinnest film on the surface that does not disturb breathing and metabolic processes, but prevents evaporation of life-giving moisture. The component improves elasticity and tone, smoothes wrinkles, eliminates tone defects, helps to heal acne without the formation of scars and scars, leading to a gradual resorption of existing ones. Astaxanthin, a strong antioxidant, is almost 100 times more effective than vitamin E, neutralizes free radicals - the main cause of aging, rejuvenates superbly, stimulates skin renewal, the synthesis of its own collagen and elastin, ceramides promote deep hydration, strengthen and soften, alpha-arbutin It blocks the production of melanin, lightening age spots and freckles. The foam is suitable for all skin types, as it not only irritates, but also soothes the skin prone to inflammation, redness and flaking. The pleasant aroma of the product, the airy tender foam that forms when it comes into contact with water, will turn washing into a favorite procedure.

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