Gatsby Water Gloss Hyper Solid Hair Gel, Red - 300gm

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Gatsby water gloss hyper solid hair gel is basically Non-sticky smooth to the touch water type pomade makes hair easier to rinse with water.

Styling cream works best on dry hair, but you can use it on damp, towel-dried hair, too. How much to use? Depends on your hair type and length, so go ahead and get experimenting.
Start with a fingertip amount. If you need more, go for it. Rub it between your hands. The cream will warm up a little with the heat from your fingers: this is good, it applies easier that way.
Next, rake your fingers through your hair from the roots all the way out. Missing out the back of the head is a rookie error. Don’t do it. Go for full coverage.
Got time? Work the product through your hair a couple more times. The more even the distribution, the more natural the look.
If you started with damp hair then finish off by blow drying your damp hair to achieve even softer finish and more body to your style.
Now, style as you like. Use a comb for a more defined look, or just texture it up with your fingers. Job done.

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